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Nantes Athletic Club

Your health. Your fitness. Your life.



The primary mission of Nantes is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle through running. We want to ensure that we develop and foster the sport of athletics.  At Nantes AC we encourage and enable all our members to participate at their very best at all levels...

Join Us 

We at Nantes Athletic Club want to assist you in achieving a healthier lifestyle through the medium of running.

Your experiences will be most enjoyable and rewarding whether you’re on a journey from the couch to your first race or whether you’re an experienced runner in search of fulfilling your athletic potential.

Already a member? View the Nantes Member Home:

Road Running

For runners of all experience levels.

Race Walking

For those who want to take it easy but still want a workout.

Cross Country

Runners seeking a challenge.

Junior Runners

Athletics for the youth.


Why join Nantes Athletic Club?

Improve your Wellness

Our wellness team will provide you with input on nutrition, weight management and other related topics in support of the enhancement of your quality of life

Build Confidence

Making use of our various programs will ensure that you feel great and help you achieve those fitness goals. These accomplishments can greatly boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Focused Fun

Whilst we love having fun, members are coached to achieve their running goals and, in most cases, they achieve more than they ever dreamt of.

The Nantes Team

Our experienced coaches and group leaders work hard to uphold the principles of Long Term Athletic Development, ensuring a good level of enjoyment and performance for all.

Keep up with what's happening at Nantes AC

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