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At Nantes Athletic Club, we make sure to give you the flexibility and support you need to keep achieving your goals. We support various athletic groups and offer training programs to help runners at all levels perform their best, whether it is your first time running or if you're a Two Oceans veteran. In order to enjoy our membership services, please take a look at the training programs and offerings and simply fill in a sign-up form.


How to join

Step 1

Read the Nantes AC constitution, and the Nantes rules and policies and make sure you are in agreement with them.

Step 2

Fill out an online registration form and pay your membership fees. You may also download a hard copy of the form if you wish to pay cash.

Step 3

Sit tight while we review your application and purchase your WPA license.

Step 4

Simply put on your nantes kit, bring your energy and enthusiasm and start running with us!

Training Groups and Programs

At Nantes AC, we try to cater to all running disciplines while having an important focus on road running, cross country, and race walking. We also try our best to train and support runners at all experience levels.


Group Running_edited.jpg

Cross Country

Cross country is a long-distance running sport that takes place on a course over natural terrains, such as fields, hills, and forests. It typically involves a race between multiple runners, with the objective of completing the course in the shortest amount of time...

Cross Country


Road Running

Road running is a type of long-distance running that takes place on paved roads and sidewalks. It is a popular form of exercise and competition, with races ranging from 5Ks to marathons and beyond...

Road Running


Race Walking

Race walking events range from distances of 3 km to 50 km and can be performed individually or as part of a relay. The sport requires a combination of speed, endurance, and technique, making it a physically demanding and challenging discipline...

Race Walking


*Orientation Program

The orientation program is in place for all runners to be introduced to the club and find their running level within the club.​ *Note: All new members are required to take part in the orientation program.

Beginner Program

The beginner program is focused primarily on individuals with little to no experience with athletics and running. The main goal of the program is to build up the ability to run continuously for 30 minutes within 8-12 weeks.

Intermediate Program

The Intermediate program is geared toward more experienced runners who want to improve their fitness overall. The program focuses on the goal of gradually increasing the running duration and intensity. The ultimate goal would be to prepare runners for a half or full-marathon race.

Advanced Program

The advanced program is for those wanting to compete at the highest levels, with the goal of training for and competing in long-distance races, such as marathons or ultramarathons.

Member Benefits

Nantes Community

  • Motivation: Nantes AC Group runs and the camaraderie of fellow runners can provide the encouragement and accountability needed to stick to a training program and reach personal goals.

  • Socialization and Community: Nantes AC provides a supportive community of like-minded individuals, promoting friendship, healthy competition, and opportunities to connect over a shared interest.

  • Knowledge sharing: Experienced runners in the club can provide tips and advice on training, nutrition, injury prevention, and other topics related to running, while members can also learn from each other's experiences.

Health and Fitness

  • Training variety: Nantes AC offers organized training runs, group races, and other events, providing a range of experiences and keeping training fresh and exciting.

  • Access to resources: Nantes AC offers its members resources such as training programs, and access to coaches, professionals, and experts in areas such as fitness, health, and nutrition.

  • Improved performance: Regular participation in the club's activities can help runners improve their speed, endurance, and overall performance, as well as improve their emotional and mental well-being.

Member Portal and Fit App

  • Our member portal and member services on Fit by Wix allow members to participate in forums, various fitness challenges, booking training sessions, and more! 

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