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Member Gallery

The running club's gallery page is a visual showcase of the club's events, achievements, and members. Share your accomplishments, personal bests, and good times running with your fellow athletes!

Gallery Rules:

  1. Respect privacy: Members should not post images that contain personal information or images of other people without their consent.

  2. Appropriate content: Members should not post images that contain explicit or offensive material, or that promote violence or hate speech.

  3. No spamming: Members should not post images for the purpose of promoting commercial products or services.

  4. High-quality images: Members should post images that are clear, in focus, and properly lit.

  5. Appropriate captions: Members should provide descriptive captions for their images, including the date and location of the event, and the names of the people in the image, if possible.

  6. Ownership and copyright: Members should only post images for which they have the right to use, and should not post images that infringe on the copyright of others.

  7. Moderation: The club may have the right to remove any images that violate these rules, and reserves the right to revoke the posting privileges of any member who repeatedly violates these rules.

By following these guidelines, members can help ensure that the running club's gallery is a positive and inspiring space for all members to share their experiences and achievements.

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