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About Nantes

Nantes Athletic Club was established in 2014 with the vision of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through running and walking in the community – with an emphasis on fun.

Nantes members are renowned for being the friendliest and most fun in the Western Cape. Our growth can partially be attributed to the ‘Nantes Spirit’, which is easily recognizable wherever you see the famous lime green T-shirts. Whilst we love having fun, members are coached to achieve their running goals and, in most cases, they achieve more than they ever dreamt of. For this reason, our training program caters to beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners. The program is holistic and includes weekly cross-training and long runs to supplement our group training sessions.


Our Goals

In pursuit of the mission of the Club, the following objectives guide the activities at Nantes Athletic Club:

  • To appoint coaches that will effectively train our members in athletics and overall wellness.

  • To commit to regular and consistent training sessions and race participation for our members.

  • Always strive to reward our athletes for their personal achievements and commitment.

  • To represent the interests of our members at all levels

  • To ultimately develop and foster the sport of athletics and enable as well as encourage our members to participate and perform at all levels

Our Pledge

We commit ourselves to being SUCCESSFUL.

We recognize that success is  PROCESS, not a DESTINATION.

We will DISCOVER our vision and do what we can in order to:


  1. Know our purpose within NANTES and in LIFE

  2. Grow and reach our MAXIMUM POTENTIAL

  3. Sow seeds that BENEFIT OTHERS

Although the road gets bumpy and it might require us to learn a new way of looking at life, we will do what it takes and PERSEVERE. Will take the SUCCESS JOURNEY.

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