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Hi there. I joined Nantes AC April 2016. I just wanted to do something just to get in shape and bam I was hooked. Running is for me a way of coping, a way of showing myself there is always improvement on oneself mentally and holistically. It's basically my coping mechanism from life. There is time when I don't really lis but that's also OK. As the saying goes'YOU DO YOU'.

I completed my first full marathon in September 2018. One of the best personal achievements. Then in 2021 I completed my 13 Peaks. One crazy idea. Did my first ultra 50 km is 2022. Another crazy idea😖. But yet we move on and forward. Giving up has never been a option. Aches, pains and tears later. But the sense of accomplishment is always the best reward. And at this time in my running career I want to start giving back, helping my fellow club mates that are starting to run, to get to where they want to be. Nothing is impossible guys. Just keep moving 💚


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